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Exhibition at the Museum

The Art of
Clara Peeters

10.25.2016 - 02.19.2017

Table with Cloth, Salt Cellar, Gilt Standing Cup, Pie, Jug, Porcelain Plate with Olives and Cooked Fowl. Clara Peeters

Special Display

Childhood Unveiled

Images of children in Spanish Romantic Art

10.18.2016 - 10.15.2017

Raimundo Roberto and Fernando José, the Sons of HRH the Infanta Josefa Fernanda de Borbón. Antonio María Esquivel

Exhibition at the Museum


The Plácido Arango Arias donation

10.04.2016 - 02.19.2017

Immaculate Conception. Francisco de Zurbarán

Exhibition at the Museum


A Journey to the Idea of Art

11.15.2016 - 02.19.2017

The Spinners, or the Fable of Arachne. Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez

Exhibition at the Museum


Master of Drawing

11.22.2016 - 02.19.2017

Head of a Warrior. José de Ribera

Exhibition at the Museum

Master Mateo

in the Museo del Prado

11.29.2016 - 03.26.2017

Saint Matthew. Master Mateo