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Museo del Prado 200 años

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Portrait of a Girl with a Dove. A new Simon Vouet for Museo del Prado. Help the Museum acquire a new work of art. Your generosity is very valuable.


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The Museo del Prado is internationally recognised as one of the most important art museums in the world and your support will make it still better.

The 17th-century French painter Simon Vouet seems to have used the same model for Time vanquished by Hope and Beauty and Portrait of a Girl with a Dove. The former is already on display in Room 2 of the Prado and our aim is to raise 200,000 Euros to acquire the latter, presented here to the public for the first time, from a private collection.

Your generosity will make you a supporter of the Museo del Prado. With a minimum contribution of 5 Euros you will enable the Museum’s nearly 3 million visitors a year to see the same woman at two different moments of her life.

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We thank you for collaborating in this project with 200 euros. Once the payment is finalized, donors will be acknowledged by name on the acknowledgements page.


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End of campaign: Sunday, December 9, 2018




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The Artwork

For its first micro-sponsorship campaign the Prado is proposing the acquisition of this previously unexhibited portrait by the French painter Simon Vouet (1590-1649), an artist already represented in the Museum by two works: The Holy Family with Saint Catherine (P-539) and Time vanquished by Hope and Beauty (P-2987). The nude woman holding a lance on the right in the latter work is notably similar to the model in Portrait of a Girl, although the works date from some years apart.

Vouet’s painting is of great interest due to its remarkable quality and the sitter’s smiling, relaxed presentation, which notably differs from the habitual gravity of portraits of this period. Together with Claude Lorrain and Nicolas Poussin, Vouet is the most important of the French artists active in Rome in the early decades of the 17th century. Portrait of a Girl with a Dove dates from this Italian period (1615-27), prior to his permanent return to Paris where his painting became more academic.

This is a truly outstanding painting which with your support will enrich the Prado’s collections and increase the appeal of its holdings of French art.

Portrait of a Girl

A new Simon Vouet for the Museo del Prado

Portrait of a Girl with a Dove, by Simon Vouet

Portrait of a Girl with a Dove, Simon Vouet. 1620-22. Oil on canvas. 66.5 x 49.5 cm

Vouet, Simon

Paris, 1590 - Paris, 1649

During his lengthy period in Italy (1612-27), Vouet became familiar with the most important trends in Italian painting of the time, revealing an interest in Caravaggesque naturalism, Reni and Guercino’s Bolognese painting, and Venetian chromatism. He enjoyed enormous success in Italy. Made a Prince of the Accademia di San Luca in 1624, Vouet received commissions from across the entire country and produced a number of striking portraits, some larger than life-size. Following his return to France he was one of the artists to introduce Italian innovations, adapted to the grand decorative style of the court of Louis XIII and to the aesthetic ideas of French society with its preference for an elegant, aristocratic beauty, reflected in his adoption of a clearer style. Vouet headed an important workshop which dominated the Parisian art world until his death and his status was barely affected by Poussin’s brief period at court. He created the admirable tapestry cartoons for the weaving workshops at Saint-Marcel on the edge of Paris, while his brilliant colours and his figures with their simple forms stand out in his compositions for major decorative schemes and in his altarpieces for Parisian churches. On occasions Vouet’s drawings recall Correggio’s while his painting successfully synthesised the Italian and French Baroque.

Time defeated by Hope and Beauty

Time defeated by Hope and Beauty, by Simon Vouet

Time defeated by Hope and Beauty, Simon Vouet. 1627. Oil on canvas, 107 x 142 cm

Saturn, who represents Time in Roman mythology, has fallen beside his attributes, a scythe and an hourglass. Beauty -possibly a portrait of the painter´s wife, Virginia da Vezzo- olds him by the hear, blandishing a lance over him, while Hope threatens him with a hook, her iconographic symbol, and three cupids pluck the feathers from his wings. Time is defied by Love, which is a reversal of their traditional roles. The representation of Time was constant during the Baroque era, when it was an image of the transitory nature of human life and of the values that rule it. With this type of work, Vouet brought the influence of Italian art to Louis XIII´s France.

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