Saint Teresa Receives the Necklace and Veil. Cristóbal de Villalpando. Oil on canvas, 205 x 134 cm. Ca. 1680 - 1690. Ciudad de México, Templo San Felipe Neri. La Profesa.

The exhibition held at the Prado is complementary to the one at the Palacio Real and further emphasises its aim, namely that of identifying a common idiom as well as specific local characteristics.

At the Prado the exhibition (whose scholarly coordinator is Javier Portús, Chief Curator of Spanish Painting) consists of three principal sections: an introductory one that includes two prints based on compositions by Martin de Vos and Rubens shown alongside Spanish paintings from Nueva España and Peru inspired by them; a section that traces the principal lines of stylistic development in western painting in the 16th and 17th centuries through Spanish and South American works; and a final section that analyses the way that various common religious subjects were depicted in painting in South America and Spain, including the Immaculate Conception and female saints.

The Prado will be showing 39 works by European and South American artists including Bernardo Bitti, Sebastián López de Arteaga, Claudio Coello, Francisco de Zurbarán, Nicolás Rodríguez Juárez, and Cristóbal de Villalpando, as well as two prints, one loaned by the Albertina in Vienna. The installation will allow some of these large-scale works to be seen from a suitable distance, assisting in an appreciation of the originality and ambition of South American painting.

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