Military trucks were used for the transport of works from the Prado. This delivery, on July 1937, included Goya’s Family of Charles IV

On 5 November 1936 the directorship of the Museo del Prado received a Ministerial Order from the Department of Fine Arts to proceed with the transportation of the most important works of art in the collection to Valencia. Those who made the initial selection of works were dedicated people but essentially lacking in the necessary technical knowledge. Due to various mishaps which occurred during the first transport of works, on 15 December the Committee for the Artistic Patrimony in collaboration with the Museum was made responsible for guaranteeing their safety. Between 5 November 1936 and 5 February 1938 various groups of works from the Museo del Prado were sent to Valencia, totalling 391 paintings and 181 drawings, as well as the Treasure of the Dauphin. The Central Committee in collaboration with the Delegated Committee in Valencia set up two specially-equipped stores for the works of art, located in the Torres de Serranos and the Colegio del Patriarca in Valencia

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