Picasso’s meninas. Richard Hamilton. 1973. Pen and black ink, grey ink wash, lead white, pencil and Conté crayon. 750 x 570 mm. Collection of the Artist

In 1971 the Austrian writer and critic Wieland Schmied invited artists from around the world to produce a graphic work for the portfolio Hommage à Picasso, to be published by Propyläen Verlag, Berlin. This idea, which is unique in the history of the print, was intended to celebrate the 90th birthday of the great 20th-century artist who had taken printmaking to a new and universal level. In the end, the project was not published until 1973, as a result of which it became one of the earliest posthumous tributes to Picasso. Hamilton, Hockney and artists as diverse as Joan Miró and Andy Warhol were involved in this homage, along with sixty more.

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