The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue edited by Svjatoslav Savvateev. It includes an essay on the history of the Hermitage and its collections by its Director, Mikhail Piotrovsky, entitled 'The Hermitage: a Russian Museum with a French Name'. It also contains entries on all the objects on display, divided into sections and preceded by short introductory essays as follows:

The Hermitage's setting: 'Views of Saint Petersburg and Interiors of the Winter Palace and the Hermitage' by Yuri Gudimenko; Siberian gold: 'Peter the Great's Siberian Collection: the gold of the ancient nomads of Eurasia' by Elena Korolkova; Greek gold: 'The Greek Gold Collection' by Liudmilla Nekrasova; Oriental goldsmiths' work: 'Treasures of the Orient' by Maria Menshikova; Western goldsmiths' work: 'The Collection of European Goldsmiths' Work' by Natalia Mavrodina; and Western art: 'The Collection of European Art: paintings, drawings and sculptures' by Mikhail Dedinkin.

In addition to the above-mentioned names, the catalogue also includes contributions by: Elisaveta Abramova, Andrei Alexeiev, Serguei Androsov, Irina Artemieva, Boris Asvarisch, Alexander Babin, Tatiana Bushmina, Mikhail Dedinkin, Natalia Demina, Ekaterina Deriabina, Irina Etoeva, Maria Garlova, Natalia Gritsay, Anatoli Ivanov, Liudmila Kagane, Elena Karcheva, Albert Kostenevich, Larisa Kulakova, Alexei Larionov, Elizaveta Renne, Natalia Sepman, Natalia Serebriannaia, Irina Sokolova, Irina Zasetskaia and Tamara Zeimal.

In order to facilitate ordering the catalogue for all those wishing to obtain a copy prior to their visit, there is a special offer from the Museum's online shop: a 25% discount on the price of post and packaging, in addition to the usual 5% offered on all publications purchased online.




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