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Digital semantic model

The experience of navigating and searching via The Museo del Prado Online

The Museo del Prado Online project seeks to offer the museum’s digital visitors the finest possible experience, with a search engine designed to query a knowledge graph that links artworks to each other (with all of their attributes, including style, period and even iconography or support, among others) and to their authors, as well as to other objects of knowledge handled by the institution, such as news, exhibitions, archival resources and merchandise from its shop. This makes it possible to present results clearly organized by entities, as well as enriching and contextualizing them. In sum, one of the project’s goals was to offer the public a more intuitive, intelligent, personalized, semantically meaningful and efficient navigating and search experience.

The project also sought to offer users tools for creating, editing and publishing itineraries, collections and personal museum narratives, each with its own recreational, informative or educational value.

Moreover, this new experience of discovery, knowledge and navigation through the collection had to function equally well on any sort of device, so that all users could access what interests them anytime and anywhere, and act as they see fit in the context of The Museo del Prado Online.