The re-modelling and enlargement

Casón del Buen Retiro (re-model works)

Re-modelling the ceiling with Luca Giordano’s painting

The project to re-model and enlarge the Casón del Buen Retiro was supervised by the Infrastructure Management Department of the Spanish Ministry of Culture. The design and construction of the project were awarded to UTE NECSO-FCC in 1988 under the direction of the architects Jaime Tarruel (for the UTE) and Manuel Martín Rabadán (for the Infrastructure Management Department).

The project consisted of excavating two new floors and consolidating the entire structure of the building, which was discovered to be extremely unstable at the outset of the project. This delicate and laborious process benefited from the technical support of the CEDEX. Almost the entire structure of the building was lined with new cement walls, guaranteeing its stability and allowing for the excavation of two new floors through the use of a system of micro-piles.

The addition of these two new floors resulted in a further 3,157 square metres of floor space, almost doubling the pre-existing surface area. The Casón has a total surface area of 8,233.65 square metres.

During the process of re-modelling, the ceiling with Luca Giordano’s painting was stabilised and restored by the AGORA restoration team, supervised by technicians from the Museo del Prado and the Instituto de Patrimonio Histórico.

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