The extensión in metres

The extension has resulted in an increase of 15,715.27 usable square metres, which have been gained through the construction of the new building around the remains of the Cloister of the Jerónimos, and the semi-freestanding construction that connects this building to Villanueva’s original one.

The surface area gained by the Museo del Prado through this project represents an increase of more than 50% on the 28,600 usable square metres of the Villanueva building. In addition, by moving specific offices and other areas of the Museum into this new space, the Villanueva building has recuperated almost 3,000 usable square metres to display the Prado’s permanent collection. This will allow for a reorganisation of the display of the collections that will take place following the opening of the extension.

Usable square metres of the main spaces of the extension:

Temporary exhibition galleries

1,389.92 square metres

Cloister (sculpture galleries)

524.57 square metres

Restoration studios

831.98 square metres

Prints and Drawings Area (new)

230,058 square metres

Storage area for works of art

1,111.51 square metres

Auditorium and lecture hall

457.74 square metres

Shop and cafeteria

782.75 square metres

Visitor attention areas

1,609.17 square metres (Velázquez circulation area and vestibule of the extension)

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