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The task of the Documentation Service of the Museo Nacional del Prado is to gather together and organize the historical, scientific and technical information related to the Museum’s collection and to include it into the database. The Documentation Service has promoted the creation of an information system which allows the different departments of the Museum to access this information, turning the internal work of each of them into visible data. This information is fully available from terminals located in the Reading Room, although the online Collection in the museum website provides partial access to this information.

The Documentation Service enables researchers and millions of users that cannot move to the Museum to access this information by promoting the Collection through the Museum website.

Consultation of the Collection Files

Boxes and envelopes containing information on paper – such as bibliographies, old photographs, handwritten notes and inventory photocopies - on the Museo del Prado’s works of art, can be consulted in the Reading Room. Although most of this information is already included in the database, this is a major source to study the Museum works.

Consultation of Museo del Prado Collection Database

The computer terminals available in the Reading Room provide access to the Museo Nacional del Prado complete collections database. It allows searching by author, title, dating, technique, support, school of art, among others. It also offers other possibilities such as searching by old inventory numbers, iconography and origin. Each painting, sculpture and drawing is accompanied by imagines and bibliography found in the Museum own library.