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is a living project that aspires to be a bridge between the museum and 21st-century society. The building blocks of this common ground are activities, programmes, projects and initiatives in which diverse audiences play a starring role.

Fotografía © Museo Nacional del Prado

Keenly aware of our responsibility to our audiences, we are committed to working with them and forging collaborative networks with other institutions, collectives and cultural venues that will help us to share knowledge and harness the potential of co-creation.

We have taken the words of ICOM to heart, and each of the educational initiatives and cultural actions we design is an expression of our desire to make education, study and enjoyment the central pillars of the museum.

There are many doubts and few certainties in our daily work, but we never stop envisioning new audiences, new settings and new perspectives on our collections. Can the works we hold be viewed from a different angle? Is it possible to tell another history of art? How does contemporary culture fit into an institution like our museum?

Our history at the Museum

The Education Department of the Museo Nacional del Prado was created in 1983 as a necessary means of connecting the collections with society. Over the past thirty-plus years, the department has grown and evolved, adapting its proposals, activities and methods to a changing society and new user demands.

We know that we have a duty to care for, study and share a valuable heritage which belongs to us all, and our actions therefore go beyond the merely artistic sphere to underscore universal values such as respect, equality, interculturality and sustainability.

Over time, the department has gradually established four main lines of action: Educational Programmes, formal education for students and teachers; non-formal education with our Public Programmes for youth, families, children and adults; Community, our social outreach project; and the Cultural Action programme, with proposals that explore the links between painting and sculpture and other artistic languages like music, dance, theatre or performance.

We fulfil our obligation to share and spread knowledge by using different educational resources and tools, such as didactic publications, online content, educational exhibitions, accessible materials, apps, the website, etc.

Photo © Museo Nacional del Prado

The foundations we build on

Photo © Museo Nacional del Prado

We are a team driven by a deep commitment to society that aspires to be a catalyst of change and bring the museum into the 21st century, without renouncing the rich legacy and knowledge provided by unique collections ranging from the fifth century BC to the early 20th century.

Our work is based on the day-to-day application of dialogue, cooperation and creativity. We are interested in meaningful teaching/learning processes and everything that emerges at the intersections, diverse formats and medium and long-term projects. Developing experiences over time makes education truly transformational.

Researching, recording and evaluating everything we do is vital to the department’s progress and development; thoughtful reflection on our own educational activity allows us to keep growing and innovating our processes. The high quality of our proposals is a product of research and the continuing education of our team.

We aim to make diversity a cross-cutting element in all our programmes for the sake of greater inclusiveness. We are committed to education and the transmission of values beyond the merely artistic.


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