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museodelprado.es / museoprado.es is an internet domain belonging to the Museo Nacional de Prado, Calle Ruiz de Alarcón, 23, 28014 Madrid. Tel: + 34 91 330 2800. The design, navigation model and information on the site have been created by the MNP.

Intellectual property

All the content of the web portal, texts, graphics, images, their design and the intellectual property rights that may correspond to this content as well as any brands, commercial names or any other logo or sign are the property of the Museo Nacional del Prado or of their legitimate owners, and all related user rights are reserved.

It is not permitted to reproduce partly or completely the contents of the website in any form or medium (mechanical, electronic, reprographic or any other type). Also forbidden is any type of promotion, public communication or distribution of these contents without the prior, written permission of the MNP or the legitimate owners of the content in question.

As set out in articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, of the Law of Intellectual Property, the reproduction, distribution and public communication of part or all of the content of this web portal for commercial ends is strictly forbidden, on any support and using any technical means, without the express permission of the Museo Nacional del Prado.

Access to the site’s contents

Accessing and using the Museo Nacional del Prado’s web portal and the use of the information contained on it is the sole responsibility of the user. The MNP cannot be responsible for any consequence, damage or harm that may arise from the use of this site and its contents, including damage to computer systems and the appearance of viruses, with the exception of all those situations that arise from the application of the legal regulations to which the specific exercise of its competences are subject.

The Museo Nacional del Prado cannot guarantee that there are no errors in the contents of its web pages. In the case of an error, the MNP will undertake specific action to avoid future errors and correct and update existing ones in the shortest possible time.

The information disseminated via this medium is only of an informative nature, and the Museo Nacional del Prado reserves all rights to eliminate or suspend its dissemination, either completely or partially, and to modify the structure and content of the portal without prior warning, including limiting or not permitting access to this information. The Museum’s aim is to maintain the quality of this information, update it and avoid and minimise possible errors arising from technical faults. Nonetheless, the MNP does not guarantee that this serve will not be interrupted or affected by these faults.

Use of the portal

Responsibility for use of the portal is the user’s. If registration of some type is required to access specific parts of the portal, it is the user who is responsible for providing legitimate and truthful information. During the process, the user is provided with a password which must be used in a careful and confidential way. The user agrees to make appropriate use of the contents and services in line with what is set out below, not using them to: engage in illicit or illegal activities or those contrary to good faith and public order; disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic or illegal nature; defend terrorism or undermine human rights; damage the physical or computer systems of the Museo Nacional Prado, its suppliers or third parties; introduce or propagate in the web computer viruses or any other physical or computer systems that are likely to bring about the above-mentioned damage; and/or attempt to gain access to and subsequently use the electronic mail accounts of other users, modifying or manipulating their messages.

The Museo Nacional del Prado reserves the right to withdraw all comments and contributions that fail to respect the dignity of the individual, which are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, which go against the interests of children and young people, public order and safety or which, in the Museum’s judgement, are not suitable for publication.

In all cases, the MNP is not responsible for opinions expressed by users on forums or other participatory spaces which may arise.

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