The Museo del Prado studies the attribution of The Colossus to Goya’s contemporary and assistant Asensio Juliá

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    Update on research on The Colossus

    Thursday 26 June 2008

    This morning, curators of the Museum briefed the media on new discoveries relating to The Colossus, a painting traditionally attributed to Goya. Following a meeting of specialists held this week at the Museum, Gabrieli Finaldi, Associate Director of Conservation at the Museum, Manuela Mena, Chief Curator of 18th-century Painting and Goya, and José Luis Díez, Chief Curator of 19th-century Painting, gave details to the media of the current state of research on the painting. This follows the new association of the initials A.J. (at the lower left of the painting) with the Valencian painter Asensio Juliá, a friend and assistant of Francisco de Goya.

    The definitive conclusions of this ongoing study, which is scheduled to be completed in the coming months, will be published in the Boletín del Museo del Prado. This publication was founded in 1980 with the aim of providing a space for the dissemination of the Museum’s research and investigative projects to the academic community and interested public.

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