Captive beauty. Fra Angelico to Fortuny

Nude on the Beach at Portici, Mariano Fortuny. Oil on panel, 13 x 19 cm, 1874, Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado

    Rooms A and B, ground floor. Jerónimos Building Curator: Manuela Mena, Senior Curator Eighteenth-century Painting and Goya

    Friday 17 May 2013

    Captive Beauty is an exhibition of works from the Museo del Prado that focuses on the small-scale format in the form of preliminary sketches, cabinet paintings, informal portraits and private devotional scenes, in addition to sculptures and reliefs. All are intended to encourage close-up contemplation and an appreciation of the surfaces, brushstrokes and hidden details that only appear with close scrutiny.

    Spanning the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries and including more than 250 works, this exhibition encourages an awareness of the passing of time and the connections between past and present. Works by great artists such as Bosch, Correggio, Rubens, Velázquez, Teniers, Watteau, Paret and Goya, as well as exquisite nineteenth-century paintings by Fortuny and others will reveal the uniqueness and variety of the Prado’s collections today. The fact that many of the works on display have recently been restored allows these artists’ methods to become fully evident while revealing the way that the true dimension of the work of art goes beyond its size.

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