Fundación Iberdrola increases its support of the Museo del Prado, becoming a Benefactor Member of the Museum

<em>Saint Jerome writing (after its restoration)</em>, José de Ribera. Oil on canvas, 131,5 x 98 cm. XVII Century. Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado

Saint Jerome writing (after its restoration), José de Ribera. Oil on canvas, 131,5 x 98 cm. XVII Century. Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado

    Thanks to the new, expanded degree of Fundación Iberdrola’s commitment to the Museo del Prado, which began in 2010 when it became the Protector Member of the restoration programme, the Museum will be updating the entire lighting system in the galleries of the permanent collection. Coinciding with the signing of this new agreement, the Museum has presented the painting Saint Jerome writing, recently attributed to Ribera, which will be seen for the first time after its restoration, once again undertaken with the support of Fundación Iberdrola.

    Monday 08 July 2013

    José Pedro Pérez Llorca, President of the Royal Board of Trustees of the Museum, Manuel Marín González, President of Fundación Iberdrola, and Miguel Zugaza Miranda, Director of the Museo del Prado, today provided information on the new collaborative agreement that will allow for better presentation and conservation of the Prado’s collections through the complete replacement of the present system of lighting in its galleries with a new one that uses LED technology. The presentation took place in Room 56A, in front of works by Bosch and Bruegel the Elder, among others, a gallery that now has a LED lighting system as a pilot trial. The change to this new lighting system will allow the Museum to be much more efficient on energy saving by using sustainable systems. After the signing of the agreement, the Museum presented Saint Jerome writing, a recently restored work that will be on display from today with an attribution to Ribera for the first time. In addition, two important restoration projects were singled out: that of The Triumph of Saint Ermengildo by Herrera the Younger, and of María Luisa de Parma wearing a panniered Dress by Goya. These two projects emphasise the importance of Fundación Iberdrola’s support for the fundamental work of restoration carried out at the Museum. In addition, the next restoration project, that of El Greco’s The Disrobing of Christ from Toledo cathedral, was announced.

    The addition of Fundación Iberdrola as a “Protector Member” of the Prado’s restoration programme in November 2010 marked a fundamental agreement, which ensured that the Prado could continue to undertake the restoration projects necessary for the appropriate conservation of its collections. These projects, which have involved removing oxidized varnishes and re-establishing the correct harmony of the works’ tonal relations in order to bring back the sense of light in them, have ensured a correct visual reading of the paintings in question. This visual reading will now be even easier due to a lighting system based on LED technology that will gradually be installed in the galleries of the permanent collection over the next four years thanks to this new collaborative agreement signed with Fundación Iberdrola. As a result, the Fundación now has the highest status, that of Benefactor, among the categories of Corporate Friends of the Museum.

    Masterpieces in the Prado in a new light

    The presentation of the permanent collection not only reflects a new discourse in its display, which has created an ordered route based on the combination of a chronological ordering and by schools, but also the implementation of a series of initiatives that have aimed to ensure optimum display conditions and preservation of the works.

    Falling within this initiative is the project to exhibit the masterpieces in the Prado with new lighting, sponsored by Fundación Iberdrola. This will consist of installing a new lighting system in the galleries of the permanent collection using LED technology in order to improve display conditions of the works and enable them to be more easily seen and interpreted. In addition, it will allow the Museum to become more energy efficient through a strategy of energy saving and environmental management.

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