Reading room

How to use it

Search methodology

1. Searches can be made using any or various fields at the same time, combined through the use of the search tools AND, OR and NOT.

2. The search terms can be introduced in any format: capitals, lower case, with or without accents, diaeresis, etc.

3. Any term introduced is considered to be part of the search: a word, number, series of characters, etc.

4. No words are omitted from the search, including prepositions, articles etc.

5. To eliminate the search criteria used and move on to the next search, press the “Delete” key.

Consulting authorities

It is possible to consult the authorities data base from the author and subject fields.

1. Introduce the search term or terms that you wish to locate in the corresponding field (Autor or Materia).

2.Click on “Autores” or “Materias” and a list of the authorities located will appear.

3.From any of these authorities you can move on to the corresponding entry.

Consulting by document type

If you wish to limit your search to one type of document:

1. Go to the pull-down menu in “Buscar en” and select one of the available sub-catalogues:

  • General catalogue: all types of material
  • Modern monographs: books published after 1900
  • Old monographs: books published prior to 1900
  • Periodicals: titles of periodicals
  • Manuscripts
  • Other material: sound recordings, audiovisual recordings and electronic resources

From this point, all the searches that you make will only locate documents within the chosen sub-category.


This allows you to select the maximum number of documents to be visualised on each screen of the list of titles located by the search.

1. Activate the pull-down menu

2. Select the number of documents desired (10, 20, 50 or 100).

Order by:

This allows you to establish the field in which the results of the search are ordered.

1. Activate the pull-down menu

2. Select the field by which you wish the results of your consultation to be organised:

  • Date: results ordered by date, from the most recent to the oldest
  • Author/title: results ordered alphabetically by author, starting with anonymous entries
  • Title: results ordered alphabetically by title
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