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Bartolomé Bermejo

November 26th and 27th 2018

We do not know when he was born, educated or died. We don't know whether he ever travelled outside Spain. We do not know with which masters he trained. We do not know of any prince, prelate or lord who protected him; we do not know if he had a patron. We know virtually nothing; we do not know anything...”.

Despite the years that have passed since 1926, when Elias Tormo wrote these words in the first monograph devoted to our painter, and despite the most outstanding contributions made in the meantime by many historians, and in particular Eric Young and Judith Berg—the authors of two key studies—we have to admit that today we still know little, all too little, about Bartolomé de Cárdenas, also known as Bermejo (ca. 1440-1501). Although the catalogue published for the monographic exhibition at the Museo Nacional de Prado contains noteworthy documentary evidence on his career and new ideas about his compositional and iconographic models, which open up interesting and unexplored interpretative perspectives, we are still unable to answer many of the questions posed by the Valencian historian almost a century ago.

This international congress seeks to encourage input and debate on issues that will offer a deeper insight into Bermejo’s artistic persona. To do so, it will tackle areas including the following: aspects related to his training and remarkable mastery of the traditional Flemish oil technique; the consequences of his associations with other masters; his unquestionable capacity for innovation in the field of religious iconography; the strong character of some of those who commissioned work from him and his preference for certain motifs and elements in his paintings. In short, the encounter takes a multidisciplinary and critical approach which seeks to move forward in our knowledge of one of the most talented and extraordinary painters of the fifteenth century.

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From October 18th to November 22th
10 hours
Museo del Prado Auditorium
D. Joan Molina. Universidad de Girona
D.ª Ana Moreno Rebordinos. Coordinadora General de Educación
Educational Department Museo del Prado



09.15 hCongress Presentation

Andrés Úbeda. Director Adjunto. Museo Nacional del Prado

09.30 hSeeing and Perceiving. How Bermejo’s works were viewed during his lifetime

Judith Berg Sobre. Universidad de San Antonio, Texas

10.15 hBermejo's knowledge of Netherlandish art

Lorne Campbell. National Gallery, London

11.30 hSospechosos habituales. En torno a la fuerte impronta del arte flamenco en Bartolomé Bermejo

José Juan Pérez Preciado. Museo Nacional del Prado

12.15 hBermejo entre Córdoba y Valencia: historiografía y obra

Fernando Marías. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

13.00 hBermejo's Granada Panels: Sampling the Art of Flanders for the Queen

Nicola Jennigs. Courtauld Institute, Londres

15.15 hMás allá de la obra perfecta. El Arcediano Lluís Desplà y su colección anticuaria

Joan Bellsolell. Universidad de Girona

16.00 hElementos islámicos en la pintura europea del siglo XV: de Jan van Eyck a Bartolomé Bermejo

Manuel Parada López de Corselas. Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

16.45 hBartolomé Bermejo, pintor de ornamentos litúrgicos y joyería civil

Joan Domenge. Universidad de Barcelona

17.15 hBermejo, creador de imágenes e iconografías

Joan Molina. Universidad de Girona

09.30 hBartolomé Bermejo et les supports de la peinture flamande du XVe siècle

Didier Martens. Universidad de Bruselas

10.15 hConcorditer facimus contrahimus societatem. La individualidad y el taller en la obra de Bartolomé Bermejo

Matilde Miquel y Olga Pérez Monzón. Universidad Complutense de Madrid

11.30 hCuatro tablas en busca de retablo. El ciclo cristológico del Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya y la Fundació Amatller d’Art Hispànic

Mireia Mestre y Cèsar Favà. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (Barcelona)

12.15 h
13.00 hMireia Campuzano y Carme Ramells. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (Barcelona)

Laura Alba, Maite Jover y Mª Dolores Gayo. Museo Nacional del Prado

International Congress


  • General Public 80 €
  • Students 40 €
  • Professionals and reserchers 52 €
  • Museo del Prado Foundation 64 €