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COPIA DE - Museum, war and post-war protecting heritage in armed conflicts

10 and 11 October 2019

The 80th anniversary (1939–2019) of the rescue of the Museo del Prado’s most important works and Spain’s artistic heritage, at what was certainly the darkest hour in its history, is the perfect occasion for an international gathering to promote research, debate and ideas on the topic of the museum and heritage in times of war.

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Submission of paper proposals: until 25 June 2019
Delivery of accepted papers: until 10 September 2019
Registration to attend: since 1 July 2019
Museo del Prado
100 € (discounts)

International conference

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  • General Public 100 €
  • Students 50 €
  • Professionals and reserchers 65 €
  • Museo del Prado Foundation 80 €