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From November 2018 to June 2019

In order to make culture more accessible to those who have lost their liberty and create a transformational experience for individuals at risk of social exclusion, we have devised an initiative for helping the prison population to discover the Prado and its collections in a participatory, enjoyable way.

This proposal consists of several sessions in which works related to textiles will be presented. We want to connect this general theme with contemporary artists, inviting them to give workshops that will generate new spaces of artistic creativity.

What is a museum, and what is the Museo del Prado? What does it contain, and what can it offer us? Can this activity be a learning experience? And if we are talking about contemporary art, how would we answer some of these questions? These are just some of the topics that will articulate our dialogue in the sessions, as words are fundamental building tools. The other basic tool is action, encouraging the development of creative skills. We are all creative in some area of our lives.

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