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From the Prado to the landscape

A journey around the region of Madrid

This route with 23 stops, based around a selection of works in the collection, is intended to draw attention to some of the most unique places in the region of Madrid; a survey that ranges from the spectacle of the Baroque to the light and shade of modern landscape painting, from Velázquez to Beruete and including Goya.

A series of works associated with historic locations and landscapes of Madrid offers a fresh viewpoint on art and history, encouraging travel and a visit to the places that are depicted in these paintings or for which they were created. Having arrived, visitors can then enjoy their settings and landscapes through this new perspective.

The tour starts inside the Museum on its principal staircase under the intimidating eyes of a giant who, nearly 400 years ago, fixed his gaze on members of the court.

Recreations of classical Rome, buffoons and giants decorated the staircases of the Buen Retiro.

The gardens of that palace, a place of recreation for the monarchs (now the Retiro Park), and the Paseo del Prado, the city’s most illustrious avenue, are the first stops on this trip once outside the Museum.

Both of them, included in the so-called Landscape of Light, have recently been declared World Heritage Sites. This recognition by UNESCO means that Madrid has now added another area of exceptional universal value to its list of UNESCO sites, which already includes Aranjuez, the Sierra de Guadarrama, El Escorial and Alcalá de Henares, all of them must-see destinations on this route.

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Map of the locations that can be visited at the present time associated with works in the Museo del Prado

Map of the locations that can be visited at the present time associated with works in the Museo del Prado


1. Royal Palace
Paisaje de la Luz*
2. Paseo del Prado
3. Museo del Prado
4. Botanical Garden
5. Jerónimos Church
6. Hall of Realms
7. Garden of the Retiro
8. Town palace of La Alameda de Osuna "El Capricho"

Boadilla del Monte

9. Palace

San Lorenzo de El Escorial

10. Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo*
11. Sierra de Guadarrama*

El Pardo

12. Royal Palace
13. Quinta del Duque del Arco

14. Chinchón


15. Royal Palace*

*UNESCO World Heritage Site