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Voces del Prado

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John Brealey and the restoration of Las Meninas

George Bisacca, Restorer, 1985-Up to date
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Conservator Emeritus at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, specialized in panel paintings. José de la Fuente, the Prado's specialist in this field, trained with him. Since his first contact with the Museo del Prado in the 1980s under the guidance of John Brealey, he has worked with the Museum on restoration of panel paintings and, among others, on the panels of The Descent from the Cross by van der Weyden (1991-1992), The Three Graces by Rubens (1997-1998), the sketches of The Triumph of the Eucharist by Rubens (2013-2014) and Adam and Eve by Dürer (2010).

Interview recorded on October 07, 2020



1974: The First Female Art Restorers

Rocío Dávila Álvarez

Restorer, 1974-2015
Artistic Sensibility and Cultural Wealth

María Teresa Dávila Álvarez

Restorer, 1982-2013
My father worked at the Prado Museum

José Manso Gómez

Textile and Panel Painting Conservator, 1953-1992
Something Untouchable

Rafael Alonso Alonso

Restorer, 1978-2016


Voces del Prado

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