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Voces del Prado

Full interview

The 1960’s: Day-to-Day Life in the Halls

Francisco Manso Guerrero, Gallery attendant and Clerical Support, 1966-1991
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He worked as a gallery attendant of the Special Corps of Junior Officials of the Museo Nacional del Prado for three decades, as well as clerical support.

Interview recorded on December 04, 2017


Gallery surveillance

Arriving at the Museum

María Merino Cabrera

Clerical Support, 1977-2004
Almost 50 years in the Prado’s Service

Conchi Montero Velasco

General Services Assistant, 1970-2014
I joined the Museum in May 1966

Francisco Martín Ortiz

Administrative Technician (copies), 1966-2015
Six attempts to get the job

María Teresa González Escolar

General Services Assistant, 1990-2013


Voces del Prado

Inside the Museum in more than 30 interviews