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Voces del Prado

Full interview

Twenty-Six Consecutive Years

José Luis Díez García, Head of the Department of Conservation of 19th Century Painting, 1988-2013
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Head of the Department of Conservation, pertaining to the Department of the 19th Century. He was the Head of the Department of 19th Century Art from 1992 to 2002. He was appointed General Assistant Director of Conservation in 2002 and held that position until 2006. He has been the Director of the Spanish National Heritage Royal Collections since 2014.

Interview recorded on May 23, 2018



The Prado, a marvellous school

Ana Gutiérrez Márquez

Senior Technician of Museums (Conservation of 19th Century Painting), 1975-2018
20 Years and 6 Months (Minus 3 Days)

Pilar Silva Maroto

Head of the Department of Conservation of Flemish Painting and the Northern Schools up to 1700, 1997-2017
Initial Contact with the Museum

Manuela Mena Marqués

Head of the Department of Conservation of 18th Century Painting and Goya, 1978-2019


Voces del Prado

Inside the Museum in more than 30 interviews