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Achilles discovered by Ulysses among the daughters of Lycomedes
Rubens, Pieter Paul (and workshop)
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Rubens, Pieter Paul (and workshop)

Achilles discovered by Ulysses among the daughters of Lycomedes

1630 - 1635. Oil on panel, 107.5 x 145.5 cm.

Disguised as a woman, Achilles took refuge at the court of King Lycomedes in order to avoid going to the Trojan War where a terrible prophecy predicted his death while still a young man. Ulysses wanted the help of this hero in the fight and thought up a trick to discover him. He came to court in the guise of a merchant, offering numerous objects to the ladies on the left who appreciate these jewels and feminine elements. But Achilles takes an interest in a military helmet, which appears on his head in this painting, thus revealing his masculine condition. This is one of the cartoons Rubens made for a series of tapestries based on the life of Achilles. It is characterized by an especially careful design and a knowledge of classical Antiquity, and is also a magnificent example of one of Rubens most customary concerns: designs for tapestries.


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Inventory number
Rubens, Pieter Paul (and workshop)
Achilles discovered by Ulysses among the daughters of Lycomedes
1630 - 1635
High/Height: 107.5 cm.; Width: 145.5 cm.
Bequest of María Dionisia Vives y Zires, duquesa viuda de Pastrana, 1889.

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Other inventories +

Inv. Nuevas Adquisiciones (iniciado en 1856). Núm. 915.
Autor P.P. Rubens / 915. Un cuadro titulado 'Aquiles en la corte de Licomedes' / Alto 1,10 ancho 1,43

Exhibitions +

Pietro Paolo Rubens e la nascitá del Barocco
26.10.2016 - 26.02.2017

05.11.2010 - 23.01.2011

Pedro Pablo Rubens. La historia de Aquiles
09.12.2003 - 01.03.2004

Intercambio Vermeer: Rubens - Achilles. Rubens Het leven van Achilles. Van schets tot wandtapijt - La serie de Aquiles
05.09.2003 - 30.11.2003

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