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Christ falls on the Way to Calvary
Tiepolo, Giandomenico
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Tiepolo, Giandomenico

Venecia, 1727 - Venecia, 1804

Christ falls on the Way to Calvary

1772. Oil on canvas, 124.3 x 145 cm.

Dressed in white with the Crown of Thorns, Jesus has fallen under the weight of the Cross, on the path to Calvary. Behind him are Simon of Cyrene, who helps him with the Cross, and the Holy Women, one of whom carries the sign with the inscription INRI with will later be placed on the Cross; as well as a group of people who accompany Jesus to mount Golgotha, where he is to be crucified. Golgotha is visible in the background on the left. The scene depicted here narrates a passage from the New Testament Passion (Matthew 27, 32-33; Mark 15, 21-22; Luke 23, 26 and John 19, 17). A preparatory sketch for this work is at the Lázaro Galdiano Museum in Madrid. This work comes from the Convent of San Felipe Neri in Madrid, where it was part of a set of eight scenes from the Passion of Christ, all of which now belong to the Prado Museum.


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Inventory number
Tiepolo, Giandomenico
Christ falls on the Way to Calvary
High/Height: 124.3 cm.; Width: 145 cm.; Base/bottom: 2.5 cm.
Serie de la Pasión de Cristo para San Felipe Neri (Madrid)
Madrid, Convento de San Felipe Neri, de oratorianos filipenses, antigua Casa Profesa de San Francisco de Borja, de jesuitas; Museo de la Trinidad.

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Inv. Museo de la Trinidad, Pintura. Núm. 91.
91. Jesucristo caído en la calle del amargura figuras de cuerpo entero menor del natural. / Autor Tiepolo (sin firmar) / alto 1,24; ancho 1,044 / / Nº 55 / S.E.

Catálogo Museo de la Trinidad, 1865. Núm. 91.
ESCUELAS ITALIANA. / DOMINGO TIEPOLO. [...] 91. La calle de la Amargura. / Lienzo.- Al. 2,24.- An. 1,45. - Fig. 1,10. / Tiepolo. / Nuestro Señor Jesucristo sobre unas peñas, debajo de la cruz y varios sayones que la levantan; a la izquierda algunas mujeres y algunos ancianos llorando. Fondo, a la derecha el Monte Calvario y multitud de gente esperando a Jesucristo.

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1873-1907. Núm. 2129.
2129.-(91-K.)-Caida de Jesus con la cruz.-Compañero de los tres anteriores. Véase la nota al núm. 2126. / Alto 1,24; ancho 1,44.-L.

Exhibitions +

Mehr Licht. Europe around 1770. Art and the enlightenment
22.08.1999 - 09.01.2000

Location +

Room 019 (On Display)

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