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Cybele and the Seasons in a Garland of Fruit
Balen, Hendrick van; Brueghel el Viejo, Jan
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Balen, Hendrick van
Amberes, 1575, 1632
Brueghel el Viejo, Jan
Bruselas, 1568 - Amberes, 1625

Cybele and the Seasons in a Garland of Fruit

Before 1618. Oil on panel, 106 x 75 cm.

Two nymphs and numerous cupids hold a garland that frames a medallion where an offering to Ceres is depicted. The goddess of the Earth and of agriculture is shown being crowned by Spring while allegorical figures of the other seasons offer her their fruits. The cupids hold objects alluding to the signs of the Zodiac. Thus, the passage of time and the Earth's life cycles are emphasized. This work is of doubtful attribution. The figures may have been painted by Hedrick van Balen, with the possible participation of Jan Brueghel, “the Elder”. A copy of this painting appears in Brueghel's Taste (P01397), which was signed in 1618, and that helps to date this work in among the artist's later production. It is listed at Madrid's new Royal Palace in 1794, where it is attributed to Jan van Kessel.


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Oil on panel, 1618
Inventory number
Balen, Hendrick van ; Brueghel el Viejo, Jan
Cybele and the Seasons in a Garland of Fruit
Before 1618
High/Height: 106 cm.; Width: 75 cm.
Royal Collection

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Other inventories +

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1854-1858. Núm. 1236.

Inv. Real Museo, 1857. Núm. 1236.
Brueghel (Juan) / 1236. Medallon con una alegoria rodeada de un feston. / La alegoria figura las ofrendas de las estaciones a la naturaleza, el feston es de muchas frutas, y le sostienen amorcillos, levantandole algun tanto en la parte inferior dos ninfas. En la superior estan Jupiter y las diosas del Oimpo. Tambien contiene el cuadro aves y cuadrupedos. / Las figuras son de van-Balen. (tabla.) / Alto 3 pies, 9 pulg, 6 lin; ancho 2 pies, 7 pulg, 6 lin.

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Exhibitions +

Goya in Madrid
28.11.2014 - 03.05.2015

Update date: 10-03-2017 | Registry created on 28-04-2015

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