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Juba II
Roman Sculptor
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Roman Sculptor

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Juba II

Ca. 10. White marble.
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A member of the Numidian royal family and King of Mauretania, Juba II (52 BC-AD 23) was a cultured and fully romanised client king. Educated in Rome, he married the daughter of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra. Juba was a distinguished scholar, geographer and historian. His idealised portraits always show him as a beardless youth wearing the headband typical of Hellenistic rulers.


Technical data

Inventory number
Roman Sculptor
Juba II
Ca. 10
White marble
Height: 66 cm; Width: 27 cm; Base/bottom: 27.5 cm; Weight: 43.8 Kg; Altura de la peana: 14.5 cm; Diameter of the base: 21.1 cm; Alto de una de las partes: 51.5 cm
Royal Collection

Bibliography +

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Inscriptions +

Incised. Plinth

Exhibitions +

En torno a las columnas de Hércules. Relaciones milenarias entre Marruecos y España
24.05.2022 - 16.10.2022

Fortunatae Insulae
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
14.10.2004 - 09.01.2005

Location +

Madrid - Museo Arqueológico Nacional (Temporary Exhibition)

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