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Louis XVI of France
Callet, Antoine-François
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Callet, Antoine-François

Paris, 1741 - Paris, 1823

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Louis XVI of France

1778 - 1779. Oil on canvas. Not on display

Son of Louis Fernande, Dauphin of France, and Maria Josefina of Saxony, Louis XVI was born in 1754 and married Marie Antoinette of Austria in 1770. His father died without acceding to the throne and Louis succeeded his grandfather, Louis XV, in 1774. Arrested just prior to the proclamation of the French Republic, he was guillotined in 1793. Callet here follows Rigaud’s paintings of Louis XIV (Musée du Louvre and Versailles) with the king represented with the symbols of the French monarchy. The canvas, which involves workshop participation, was given by the French king to the Count of Aranda in 1783 during the latter’s time as Spanish ambassador in Paris, according to the inscription on the fine quality, original frame.

Technical data

Inventory number
Callet, Antoine-François
Louis XVI of France
1778 - 1779
Height: 275 cm; Width: 193 cm
Royal Collection (Given by the French king Louis XVI to the Count of Aranda, 1783; Acquired by Queen Isabel II from collection of the Duke of Hijar; It entered the Prado Museum in 1864)

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Inv. Real Museo, Adiciones, 1857-1868. Núm. 3038.
3038. Retrato de Luis 16. / En lienzo con un magnífico marco, procedente del real palacio por haberlo adquirido S.M. de la testamentaria de E.S. duque de Hijar, fue trasladado al museo en 28 de junio de 1864.

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1872-1907. Núm. 1975.

Inscriptions +

Donne par le roi a mr. le cte. d'Aranda Ambassadeur de la Cour d'Espagne aupres de sa Majeste en l'annee 1783
Front, lower area

Exhibitions +

El Conde de Aranda
23.09.1998 - 10.01.1999

Displayed objects +

Heraldic and Noble Elements

Crown / Wreath

Cloak, Royal / Robes, Royal


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