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Maria Anna of Spain, Queen of Hungary
Velázquez, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y
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Velázquez, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y

Sevilla (Spain), 1599 - Madrid (Spain), 1660

Velázquez, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y See author's file

Maria Anna of Spain, Queen of Hungary

Ca. 1630. Oil on canvas. Room 011

Philip IV´s sister, Maria, was born in El Escorial in 1606. As a result of her royal lineage, she was destined to become yet another pawn in the play of matrimonial alliances that the European courts found so useful. As a marriageable infanta, marrying her was first considered a means of improving diplomatic relations with England, but those efforts failed as a result of religious incompatabilites. A few years later, she became engaged to her cousin, Ferdinand Habsburg, then king of Hungary and later Emperor of Austria. She was married by proxy in Madrid in 1630 and four years later, she made her own contribution to that long history of endogamous marriages when she bore a baby girl who eventually married her uncle, Philip IV. The present canvas was long thought to be the one discussed by Pacheco, whose description of his son-in-law, Velázquez´s, trip to Italy mentions that the latter had painted a handsome portrait of the queen of Hungary in Naples for delivery to His Majesty. That would put its date between August 13 and December 18, 1630, making the work a reflection of the king´s desire to have a visual memento of the sister he knew he would never see again. And in that sense it could be related to the multitude of portraits made in European courts so that distant family members could follow the physical evolution of their loved ones. However, the discovery of a document dated in late October 1628 and related to Velázquez´s commission to paint portraits of various members of the royal family (including the infanta Maria) has raised doubts about the present work´s date of execution. That document does not clarify whether Velázquez ever actually painted those canvases, but it has led historians to consider both dates and to resort to stylistic analyses in order to choose one or the other. Those same doubts arise with regard to the present work´s history in the Royal Collections. It has been considered the one said to have been in Velázquez´s chambers when he died in 1660, but the lack of any clear trace in the inventories before it entered the Museo del Prado leaves nothing certain except the fact that it comes from the Royal Collection.

Museo Nacional del Prado, Velázquez: guía, Madrid, Museo del Prado Aldeasa, 1999, p.76


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Inventory number
Velázquez, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y
Maria Anna of Spain, Queen of Hungary
Ca. 1630
Height: 59.5 cm.; Width: 44.5 cm.
Royal Collection (Collection of Felipe V, Quinta of the Duke of El Arco, El Prado-Madrid, “sexta pieza que sirve de gabinete”, 1745, [n. 109?]; Quinta of the Duke of El Arco, “pieza sexta de gabinete”, 1794, n. 135; Royal Palace of El Buen Retiro, Madrid, 1808)

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Other inventories +

Inv. Felipe V, Quinta duque del Arco, 1745. Núm. [¿109?].
Sexta Pieza que sirue de Gavinete ...] [94-112] Diez y nuebe cauezas de hombres, y mugeres de media vara de alto, y poco menos de ancho algo desiguales, sus marcos dorados

Inv. Testamentaría Carlos III, Quinta duque del Arco, 1794. Núm. 135.
Pieza 6ª del Gavinete [...] [4837] 135 / Otro [quadro] de tres quartas de alto y dos de ancho demuestra una Cabeza: de Juan Bautista del Mazo ... 150

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1854-1858. Núm. 135.

Inv. Real Museo, 1857. Núm. 135.
Velazquez. / 135. Retrato en busto de doña Maria hija de Felipe 3º y reina de Hungría. / Alto 2 pies, 1 pulg; ancho 1 pie, 7 pulg.

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1872-1907. Núm. 1072.
1072.-Retrato de la infanta de España doña María, rei- / na de Hungría, hermana de Felipe IV (?). / Alto 0,58. Ancho 0,44.-Lienzo. / Representa unos 24 ó 25 años, aunque á primera / vista parezca de más edad, por efecto de su prominente / mandibula austriaca. Complexion delicada, facciones / regulares, labio inferior saliente, ojos pardos, cabello / rubio rizado y levantado en el vértice de la cabeza, con / un prendido negro en la parte superior. Lleva vestido / alto noguerado, con solapas y brazoneras, y una volu- / minosa gorguera de gasa engomada.-Busto de tamaño / natural. Pertenece a...

Inscriptions +

Front, lower left corner

Inscribed in yellow. Front, lower left corner


Exhibitions +

06.06.2020 - 28.02.2021

El retrato español en el Museo del Prado.
El Pito
03.07.2016 - 30.09.2016

El retrato español en el Museo del Prado
El Pito
03.07.2016 - 30.09.2016

El retrato en el Museo del Prado. Montauban
04.12.2015 - 03.04.2016

Presentación de la obra de Santa Rufina de Velázquez
01.03.2008 - 19.05.2008

From Titian to Goya. Great Masters from the Museo del Prado
13.09.2007 - 12.11.2007

From Titian to Goya. Great Masters from the Museo del Prado
29.06.2007 - 24.08.2007

De Tiziano a Goya. Obras maestras del Museo del Prado
14.07.2006 - 15.10.2006

De Tiziano a Goya. Obras maestras del Museo del Prado
24.03.2006 - 02.07.2006

Omaggio a Velázquez
19.03.2005 - 03.07.2005

La Almoneda del Siglo. Relaciones artísticas entre España y Gran Bretaña, 1604 - 1655
15.03.2002 - 02.06.2002

Velazquez. Su tercer viaje a Italia
28.03.2001 - 30.06.2001

23.01.1990 - 31.03.1990

Location +

Room 011 (On Display)

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