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The Temptations of Saint Anthony
El Bosco (Taller de)
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El Bosco (Taller de)

The Temptations of Saint Anthony

1510 - 1515. Oil on oak panel, 70 x 115 cm.

Wearing the habit of his order, the saint meditates in a prayerful way in the foreground, unaware of anything happening around him. He is identifiable by his customary symbols, the Greek letter tau painted in blue on his habit, and the staff on the stone. Monstrous beings and demons flutter around him, alluding to the temptations of evil. The house, whose fantastic roof is the head of an old woman, probably alludes to a house of prostitution, as is revealed by the swan emblem on its door. The young, naked woman in the doorway symbolizes the temptations of the flesh, which the saint decisively faces off. On the left, a monastery of his order is in flames —an allusion to their loosening of regulations. A work of quality, this is unique among Bosch´s paintings in its placement of the figure in the foreground. It has been considered a copy of a lost original, made during Bosch´s lifetime, or a piece from his workshop.


Technical data

Inventory number
El Bosco (Taller de)
The Temptations of Saint Anthony
1510 - 1515
Oak panel
High/Height: 70 cm.; Width: 115 cm.
Museo de la Trinidad, together with other pieces from disentailed churches and convents, 1838-72; Museo del Prado, 1872-82; on loan to the church of San Francisco el Grande, Madrid, 1882-1930; on loan to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Madrid, 1930-48; in the Museo del Prado since 1948

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Exhibitions +

Bosch. The 5th Centenary Exhibition
31.05.2016 - 11.09.2016

El factor grotesco
22.10.2012 - 10.02.2013

Cataluña y los reinos hispanos en tiempos de Carlos I
28.11.2000 - 18.02.2001

Location +

Room A (Temporary Exhibition)

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