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Berdusán y Osorio, Vicente

Ejea de los Caballeros, Zaragoza (Spain), 1632 - Tudela, Navarra (Spain), 1697

Orphaned at the age of eight, he moved to Tudela, where he studied with his uncle, Fernando de Mozos, between 1645 and 1648. He spent the following four years at court, in Juan Carreño de Miranda's workshop. This brought him into contact with the Royal Collections and with other painters working in Madrid, including Francisco ¬Rizi, Claudio Coello, Francisco de Herrera and Mateo Cerezo. In 1653, he returned to Tudela, where he remained until his death. His vast production, most of which is signed, reveals that he made only religious paintings. His clients were therefore churches, convents and monasteries of various orders in different parts of Aragon (Daroca, Huesca, Magallón Trazona, Veruela, Villafranca de Ebro and Zaragoza) or Navarre (Tudela, Corella and Ablitas). His subject matter included monastic cycles, miracles, apparitions, visions, scenes from the life of Jesus and Mary, and saints with their attributes. The canvases he painted for the chapel of San Joaquín at Huesca Cathedral in 1668 are outstanding, as are nine that he made for Tudela Cathedral's chapter hall in 1669-1671, five on the life of Saint Bernard from 1671 to 1673 (Veruela Monastery and Museo Provincial de Zaragoza), those from a retable for the parish of Azpeitia (San Sebastian) in 1687, those for the chapel of San José at the seminary church of San Carlos Borromeo in Zaragoza, from 1693; and numerous individual paintings, including The Christ Child Appearing to Saint Anthony (1669, private collection, Ablitas, Navarre), The Virgin Appearing to Saint Simon Stolz (1671, church of San Jorge, Tudela, Navarre), The Stigmatization of Saint Francis of Assisi (1683, Museo de Corella, Navarre) and Saint Attila of Zamora, which entered the Museo del Prado from the Museo de la Trinidad.

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Saint Attila
Oil on canvas, Second half of the XVII century
Berdusán y Osorio, Vicente

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