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Rodríguez de Miranda, Pedro

Madrid (Spain), 1698 - Madrid (Spain), 1766

He belongs to a generation of painters who straddled the Spanish Baroque tradition and the influence of the French and Italian masters brought by Philip V to the Madrid court. He received training with his uncle Juan García de Miranda and, as his assistant, entered the palace in 1734 to restore the paintings in the royal collection. He excelled in this work to such extent that he was appointed painter to the king in 1744. Amongst his modest surviving oeuvre, those with religious themes are particularly noteworthy. Evidence of this and of his links with the Baroque school of Claudio Coello and Juan Carreño de Miranda are the three paintings in the Museo del Prado, originally from the Museo de la Trinidad: Approval of the Rule of the Order of the Minor Clerics, The Vicar General of the Deanery of Naples receives the Vows of Fathers Francis and Agustín Adorno and Episode from the Life of Saint Louis Bertrand. His three landscape paintings, also located in the Prado, are worthy of special mention due to their exceptional nature in Spanish painting at the time (Crespo Delgado, D. in: Encyclopaedia M.N.P, 2006, Volume V, p. 1889).

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