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Theotocópuli, Jorge Manuel

Toledo, 1578 - Toledo (Spain), 1631

Jorge Manuel's artistic personality depended directly on that of his brilliant father, El Greco. He was trained and worked in his father's workshop until the latter's death, although he also worked on his independently as a painter and altarpiece maker. While the works known to be by him are totally steeped in his father's practice, they are a poor reflection. Indeed, Jorge Manuel's most interesting work is probably his architecture. El Greco's deep interest in architecture must have inspired his son, who would also have inherited his father's collection of Italian treatises. He thus established himself as an architect, designing outstanding works such as Toledo's city hall and attaining the title of senior master [builder] of the primate cathedral. His architectural drawings are particularly interesting as they present aspects of his work that are significantly more innovative than his constructed projects. There are two works by him at the Museo del Prado, both copies of compositions by his father. His "Disrobing of Christ" is not based directly on El Greco's masterpiece at Toledo Cathedral, but rather on a variant made for that same city's church of Santa Leocadia. The version of "The Burial of the Count of Orgaz" in which he may have participated is a workshop piece that reproduces only the lower part of his father's original. It was made for the professed house of the Company of Jesus in Toledo and was moved to the Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid after the Jesuits were expelled from Spain in 1774. It entered the Museo del Prado in 1901 (García López, D. in Enciclopedia, 2006, vol VI, p. 2065).

Artworks (1)

The Disrobing
Oil on canvas, Ca. 1606
Theotocópuli, Jorge Manuel (Copy after El Greco)

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