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Parmigianino [Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola]
Pedro Maria Rossi, or Roscio, Count of San Secondo
1535 - 1538
133 cm x 98 cm
On display
Colección Real (Real Alcázar, Madrid, cuarto bajo-pieza inmediata de la Aurora, 1700, nº 274; Palacio Real Nuevo, Madrid, tercera pieza de la Furriera, 1747, nº 181).

A portrait of the Count of San Secondo standing before a curtain. The serene and balanced composition is marked by the character's hieratic appearance and the sumptuous golden backdrop, inspired by Raphael's Portrait of Julius II. Also remarkable is the landscape appearing on the right, with classical buildings and books resting on the windowsill.

The sophistication of Parmigianino's mannerism is especially clear in the figures of the Count and the statue of a classic God (possibly Perseus or Mars) on the right, both of which are lengthened beyond their logical proportions.

Pedro Maria Rossi (1504-1547) was a brilliant soldier who served Francis I of France, Cosme I of Medici and Carlos V (1500-1558). This portrait was painted when he was a solider of the Empire, which explains the presence of the word “IMPERO” (“empire”) on one of the books, and the quantity of classical references.

This work belonged to the collection of the Marquis of Serra. In 1664, the Count of Peñaranda acquired it for Felipe IV (1605-1665). It appears in the 1686 inventory of Madrid's Alcázar Palace and in the 1772 inventory of the Buen Retiro Palace.

This work is certainly the pendent of the same artist's portrait of Camilla Gonzaga, Countess of San Segundo, and her Sons (P00280), although they are not paired in the inventories.

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