The Interior of the Mosque, Cordoba, David Roberts, 1838, Oil on canvas

For historical reasons, British painting is the least well represented area in the Prado’s collection. Political conflicts between Spain and England from the 16th-century until the early 20th-century, limited contact between the aristocratic families of the two countries, and a lack of royal alliances prior to the wedding of Alfonso XIII all impeded appreciation of British art in Spain. Nonetheless, the Prado has a group of works which, although small in number, are of fine quality and were mostly acquired in the 20th-century. Most are portraits painted in the second half of the 18th-century and the first half of the 19th-century, by Reynolds, Gainsborough, Romney and Hoppner. The best-represented portraitist is undoubtedly Thomas Lawrence, with significant works such as the portraits of John Fane, 10th Count of Westmoreland, Miss Martha Carr and A Lady from the Storer Family.

David Roberts, who is an important artist due to his associations with Spanish Romanticism, is present in the form of three paintings: The Torre de Oro, Seville, The Castle of Alcalá de Guadaira and The Interior of the Mosque, Cordoba.

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