Soldier or Beater. San Baudelio in Casillas de Berlanga

The frescoes from San Baudelio de Berlanga and Vera Cruz de Maderuelo are particularly important among the Romanesque paintings in the collection. The latter are installed in a specially designed chapel within the Museum, which reproduces the original arrangement of the paintings.

Franco-Gothic painting is well represented by the Saint Christopher Altarpiece, while examples of the Italo-Gothic are The Saint John the Baptist Altarpiece and The Mary Magdalene Altarpiece by Jaime Serra. The International Gothic is represented by The Altarpiece of the Life of the Virgin and Saint Francis by Nicolás Francés.

The Prado possesses one of the great masterpieces of Hispano-Flemish painting: Bartolomé Bermejo’s Saint Dominic of Silos, as well as two major works, The Pietà with Donors and Christ's Blessing, by Fernando Gallego, the best known painter working in Castile at this period. A notable work by Juan de Flandes, court painter to Isabel the Catholic, is the important Crucifixion, acquired in 2005 and considered one of the artist’s finest paintings. Early Spanish Renaissance paintings are represented in the Prado by the series of works by Pedro Berruguete from the convent of Santo Tomás in Ávila, notably The Auto da Fe presided over by Saint Dominic de Guzmán. Other important works of this period are The Virgin of the Knight of Montesa by Pablo de San Leocadio and The Flagellation by Alejo Fernández.

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