Room 12

June, 2010.- Coinciding with the award ceremony, the Museum presented the new display of its Velázquez holdings in rooms that have been completely remodelled over the past few months. In addition to restoring the rooms themselves, including updating the lighting system and replacing the three different cloth wall coverings with a single tone of paint that was tried out in the exhibition Velázquez’s Fables, the display of the paintings themselves has been entirely reorganised using a chronological and thematic arrangement. In the main basilical hall, which has always been the venue for the award ceremony of the Velázquez Prize, Las Meninas continues to be the principal focus of attention, while the rest of the room is now entirely devoted to “The Royal Portrait”. Another notable new feature is the presentation of The Spinners, which is now displayed in an adjacent room with a special installation that has returned the painting to its original size by concealing the later additions that distorted the composition. Finally, The Surrender of Breda is shown alongside other paintings by Velázquez on the theme of “War” in the middle of the Museum’s Central Gallery.

With this new re-hang the Velázquez collection is now divided across seven galleries according the following thematic concepts: “Velázquez and Naturalism” (room 10), “Velázquez. The Italian Trip” (room 11), “Velázquez. The Royal Portrait” (room 12), “Velázquez. Religious Painting” (room 14), “Velázquez. Dwarves and Buffoons” (room 15), “Velázquez. Mythological Painting” (room 15a), and “Velázquez. War” (room 27).

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