Empress Isabel

Without doubt the finest examples of Renaissance sculptures in the Museo del Prado are the sizeable group of full-length portraits, busts and reliefs of Carlos V and his family: the Empress Isabel, their son Felipe II and Carlos’s sisters, María of Hungary and Leonor of Austria. These bronzes and marbles portraits were created by the Italian sculptor Leone Leoni and his son Pompei Leoni. The group include a true masterpiece, the legendary bronze of Carlos V and the Fury.

The collection also includes other exceptionally beautiful works by various Spanish sculptors, such as the Venus by Bartolomeo Ammanati and the alabaster relief of the Allegory of Francisco I of Medici by Giambologna.

El Greco’s sculptures of Epimetheus and Pandora are particularly significant due to the importance of the artist and the fact that they are one of the very few known examples of sculpted nudes of a mythological type produced in Spain during the time of the Council of Trent.

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