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Payment can be made in cash or by credit card.

Ticket price

This ticket allows the holder to visit the museum collection and temporary exhibitions on the same day

General price: 14 €

General admission + official guide: 23 €

"Two visits in one year" ticket: €20

Reduced price: 7 €

  • Citizens over 65
  • Members of large families
  • Holders of youth cards

(Credentials will be checked at the ticket office and the corresponding valid and updated identification document must be presented in each case)

Free entry: 0 €

Admission is free for the following visitors:

  • Under 18
  • Students 18-25
  • Visitors with physical impairments, as defined by article 1.2 of Law 51/2003 of 2 December, on equal opportunity, non-discrimination and universal access for the physically impaired. Admission to the museum is also free for the companion assisting the physically impaired visitor, as long as this assistance is essential for the visit
  • Citizens who are officially unemployed
  • Members of the following associations:
    • Fundación de Amigos del Museo del Prado (Foundation of Friends of the Prado Museum)
    • APME (Professional Association of Spanish Museologists)
    • ANABAD (National Association of Archivists, Librarians and Museologists)
    • AEM (Spanish Association of Museologists)
    • ICOM (International Council of Museums)
    • Royal History Academy
    • Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando
    • Spanish Royal Academy
  • Personnel from the State Museums section of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
  • Teachers exercising their profession inside Museum
  • Family groups comprised of at least one adult and three children (or two, if one is physically impaired), included in the same large-family card. For large families, the following procedure for obtaining free advance tickets will apply. Send a fax to Visitor Services (902 10 70 77) with the following information: photocopy of the large family certificate issued by the appropriate autonomous community; full name of the people shown on the large family certificate who will be visiting; contact telephone number and email address; address; date and time of your visit.
  • Official Tourist Guides
  • Journalists
  • All visitors (Collection): From Monday to Saturday, 6pm to 8pm, and Sundays and holidays from 5pm to 7pm. November 19 and International Museum Day, during the full opening hours

(Credentials will be checked at the ticket office and the corresponding valid and updated identification document must be presented in each case)

Special promotion: guide and entry ticket: 23 €

The Museum Guide is an official publication of the Museo del Prado illustrated with more than 400 images, which suggests a complete and entertaining tour of the collection as an essential part of your visit and later on as a souvenir as well.

From Monday to Saturday, 6pm to 8pm, and Sundays and holidays from 5pm to 7pm (tickets available only at the ticket office).

  • Collection: free Access for individual visitors
  • Temporary exhibitions: 50% discount in the corresponding individual tariff

From 100 general admission tickets upwards, a €1 discount will apply.


Membership sales in ticket offices.

Tarjeta Paseo del Arte (Paseo del Arte Card): 25,6 €

The Paseo del Arte card can be used to visit the Museo del Prado, and enjoy both the Collection and temporary exhibitions, in addition to the Museo Thyssen Bornemisza and Museo Reina Sofía, within a period of one year after the issue date, with a 20% discount on admission prices.

Annual Membership Card for National Museums: 36.06 €

Allows individual access to all National Museums and to the Prado Museum for one year.

Exclusive sale in ticket offices


Advanced sale and reservations through the Visitor Centre Open in a new window

902 10 70 77
902 10 70 77
  • For operations in the purchase of packs of more than 100 individual general admission tickets, booking fees are included in the total price.
  • The membership status credentials in any of the collectives that benefit from a reduction or free admission must be carried out in the ticket office on the day of the visit. A corresponding official document that is valid and updated in each case must be presented. Should the credentials not be valid, the visitor will have to pay the difference and purchase a general admission ticket.
  • Groups: 14 €/person

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