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Voces del Prado

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Official visits tell so much
Felipe Garín Llombart
Museum Director, 1991-1993
John Brealey’s Recognition
Rafael Alonso Alonso
Restorer, 1978-2016
Late 1970s. Anthony Quinn, Charlton Heston and Jimmy Carter
Luis Lapausa Arango
General Operations Service Technician (Carpenter), 1960-2008
Camilo José Cela and censorship
María Merino Cabrera
Clerical Support, 1977-2004
A special visitor
Conchi Montero Velasco
General Services Assistant, 1970-2014
Celebrities at the Workshop: Buero Vallejo and Antonio López
Rocío Dávila Álvarez
Restorer, 1974-2015
Monserrat Caballé In Hall 16B: 16th December 1988
Juan Manuel Gómez Agredano
Service Technician for Electricity and Air Conditioning (Electrician), 1972-Up to date
John Brealey and the restoration of Las Meninas
George Bisacca
Restorer, 1985-Up to date