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Voces del Prado

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We Restored Practically the Entire Velázquez Collection
María Teresa Dávila Álvarez
Restorer, 1982-2013
Restoration of Las Meninas in 1984: a question of state
Javier Solana Madariaga
Trustee of the Museo del Prado, 2019-Up to date
John Brealey’s Visit
Rafael Alonso Alonso
Restorer, 1978-2016
A Lesson in Life
José Luis Díez García
Head of the Department of Conservation of 19th Century Painting, 1988-2013
Rafael Alberti and his cotton
Alicia Quintana Martínez
Head of the Education Service, 1983-2007
Going into Las Meninas
Carmen Garrido Pérez
Head of the Technical Office, 1982-2012
Celebrities at the Workshop: Buero Vallejo and Antonio López
Rocío Dávila Álvarez
Restorer, 1974-2015