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Voces del Prado

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1985. From the Metropolitan to the Prado
George Bisacca
Restorer, 1985-Up to date
Head of the Museum and founding member of The Friends of The Prado Museum Foundation
Francisco Calvo Serraller
Museum Director, 1993-1994
Initial Contact with the Museum
Manuela Mena Marqués
Head of the Department of Conservation of 18th Century Painting and Goya, 1978-2019
The Museum in 1986
Manuel Montero Eugenia
Head of the Art Handling Staff, 1986-Up to date
The responsibility of being president
Carlos Zurita Delgado. Duke of Soria
Chairman of the Friends of the Museo del Prado Foundation, 1988-Up to date
The three conditions
Felipe Garín Llombart
Museum Director, 1991-1993
Alicia Quintana
Alicia Quintana Martínez
Head of the Education Service, 1983-2007
Twenty-Six Consecutive Years
José Luis Díez García
Head of the Department of Conservation of 19th Century Painting, 1988-2013
Almost 50 years in the Prado’s Service
Conchi Montero Velasco
General Services Assistant, 1970-2014
A six-month contract
Nuria de Miguel Poch
General Secretary of the Friends of the Museo del Prado Foundation, 1989-Up to date
Large works didn't fit
Inmaculada Echeverría Elvira
Head of the Technical Office, 1981-Up to date
Six attempts to get the job
María Teresa González Escolar
General Services Assistant, 1990-2013