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Voces del Prado

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The decision to leave the Museum
Javier Docampo Capilla
Head of the Library, Documentation and Archives Area, 2005-2016
A life at the Foundation
Nuria de Miguel Poch
General Secretary of the Friends of the Museo del Prado Foundation, 1989-Up to date
The best place to be
Felícitas Martínez Pozuelo
Administrative Technician, 1971-2018
María Teresa González Escolar
General Services Assistant, 1990-2013
A Marvellous Experience
Montserrat Sabán Godoy
Management Technician, 1977-2016
The Prado has given me many things
Conchi Montero Velasco
General Services Assistant, 1970-2014
The Prado Museum in my life
Antonio Macías Pizarro
Head of Night Surveillance, 1974-2009
A way in the world
Inmaculada Echeverría Elvira
Head of the Technical Office, 1981-Up to date
The leap into the unknown
Ana Gutiérrez Márquez
Senior Technician of Museums (Conservation of 19th Century Painting), 1975-2018
My grandchildren should know what a watchman and a carpenter are
Luis Lapausa Arango
General Operations Service Technician (Carpenter), 1960-2008
A Reflection After 40 Years’ Service
Juan Manuel Gómez Agredano
Service Technician for Electricity and Air Conditioning (Electrician), 1972-Up to date
Love for My Work
María Teresa Dávila Álvarez
Restorer, 1982-2013