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International Museum Day 2022 in the Museo del Prado Wednesday, May 18, 2022

To celebrate International Museum Day a series of initiatives will be expressing support for these institutions To mark International Museum Day, which this year has the theme “The power of museums” and will be exploring museums’ potential to bring about positive changes in their communities, the Museo Nacional del Prado has scheduled a range of activities to celebrate the richness, diversity and history of its collections with Ukraine, a country currently suffering the devastating effects of war, with its historical and cultural heritage under threat.


Free entry

The Museo del Prado will be offering free entry throughout the day to all visitors, who must obtain a ticket from the ticket desks or from, thanks to the Prado Puerta Digital app which benefits from the sponsorship of Telefónica as a Benefactor Member of the Visitor Services programme.

International Museum Day 2022 in the Museo del Prado