The Museo del Prado launches its "Goya in the Prado" website

    The Museo del Prado launches "Goya in the Prado", a website within its official website devoted entirely to Goya and one that will, for the first time, include the Museum’s entire and remarkable collection of works and documents by the artist. Until now the Prado’s Goya collection (which is the largest and most important in the world) had only been known in part through publications. With the support of Telefónica as Benefactor Sponsor of the Visitor Attention Service, and that of the Museum’s own online initiatives, the general public and specialists can now access the more than 1,000 works by Goya – paintings, drawings, prints and documents –housed in the Prado. This is an extremely important initiative given the way that it makes so many high-resolution images of the works available to the public, in addition to all the documentary references and factual information known to the Museum on this exceptional collection.

    Monday 17 September 2012

    As from today, all users of the Prado’s official website, which is entirely sponsored by Telefónica, will find a new website entirely devoted to the Museum’s large holdings of the work of Francisco de Goya. The most important collection of his work in the world, it comprises more than half of all his known output and includes many of his most celebrated works.

    Goya in the Prado aims to become an indispensable tool for Goya studies and for the general public. It makes more than 1,000 works available to the user, encompassing the paintings, drawings, prints and documents by the artist housed in the Prado. Notable features within this exceptionally important and interesting project include the option to access online the unique collection of works on paper by Goya in the Museum, which is not normally on display for conservation reasons. In addition to prints and drawings, this part of the Museum’s collection of Goya’s works also includes documents of vital importance for an appreciation of his personality, such as his letters to his friend Martín Zapater.

    The new website reflects the Museo del Prado’s interest in disseminating and facilitating access to its collections on the internet and in offering extensive and up-to-date information about them via its website. Goya in the Prado is a dynamic website that will be regularly updated with new information in order to achieve its aim of becoming the principal reference point for work on the artist and the primary way for the general public to approach his art.

    While the texts on the Goya in the Prado website are only in Spanish, the Museum recommends that even non-Spanish speakers consult them, given the scope and importance of the catalogue of images accessible on this site.

    Features of Goya in the Prado

    Organised by type of work (paintings, drawings, prints and documents), the site offers rigorous technical and historical information on each of the works as well as a comprehensive biographical section, together reflecting the results of the research and documentation undertaken by the Museum over the past few years. It also includes high resolution images (min. 5MB; 150-300ppp) that allow for a remarkably detailed appreciation of all the works and for comparisons between them.

    Goya in the Prado aims to expand free, unlimited access to the Museum’s information as part of the overall strategy to disseminate and promote its collections that the Prado has promoted in recent years.

    How the site is organised

    Goya in the Prado is structured into the following sections:


    Without doubt, the best known facet of the Museum’s Goya collection, due to its visibility in the galleries, is its collection of 152 paintings, which encompasses every period of the artist’s career and includes some of his most celebrated works. This group is organised on the website by series and genres: tapestry cartoons, the “Black Paintings”, religious compositions, historical subjects, allegorical paintings, the Majas, portraits and genre paintings. In addition, it will include paintings by followers and imitators as well as late copies.

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