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International Museum Day

18 May 2022

To mark International Museum Day, which this year has the theme “The power of museums” and will be exploring museums’ potential to bring about positive changes in their communities, the Museo Nacional del Prado has scheduled a range of activities to celebrate the richness, diversity and history of its collections with Ukraine, a country currently suffering the devastating effects of war, with its historical and cultural heritage under threat.

Two awnings in the colours of the Ukrainian flag will be displayed on the Prado’s main façades to draw attention to the country’s principal museums.

The director of the Andrey Sheptysky Museum (Lviv) will be taking part in the Museum’s regular live Instagram broadcast.

Ukrainian will be one of the languages available on the Prado’s audio guides that explain its greatest masterpieces. The Ukrainian ambassador and a group of fellow citizens currently hosted by the Red Cross will launch these audio guides with a tour of the galleries.

The young resident pianist Cristina Sanz Hernán will be giving a recital in the Villanueva Building at 12 noon, 1 pm and 4 pm.

Finally, entry to the Museum is free throughout the day.

Cultural Action





The Museo Nacional del Prado is installing large awnings at its two principal entrances, the Velázquez and Goya, displaying the names of five Ukrainian museums in Cyrillic and translated into Spanish with the aim of sharing International Museum Day 2022 with those not able to take part in it.

The National Museum of Art of Ukraine/ Національний художній музей України and the National Fine Arts Museum of Odessa/Одеський національний художній музей, among others, will thus be present on the day established by the ICOM to raise public awareness of the role of museums in the life and future of society.

Visit by the Ukrainian ambassador and fellow citizens

The Ukrainian ambassador to Spain, Serhii Pohoreltsev, will be visiting the Museum to see a selection of its masterpieces in the company of a group of Ukrainian people currently hosted in Madrid by the Red Cross.

In small groups assisted by the Museum’s volunteers, these visitors accompanying the ambassador will be able to enjoy a non-guided tour with the help of the audio guide system.

Audio guides in Ukrainian

From today, Ukrainian will be one the languages available on the Prado’s audio guides, devices that allow for a non-guided visit enhanced by explanations that can be listened to in 15 languages using the Museum’s devices or on visitors’ smartphones.

Live on Instagram

The regular Instagram live broadcast will include the participation of Andrei Sheptysky Museum in Lviv. The accounts will allow followers to learn about these leading Ukrainian museums and we will be celebrating International Museum Day with them.


Musical brushstrokes

Another activity organised to mark the day will be a recital by the young resident pianist Cristina Sanz Hernán, to be given in the Villanueva Building at 12 noon, 1 pm and 4 pm.

Free entry

The Museo del Prado will be offering free entry throughout the day to all visitors, who must obtain a ticket from the ticket desks or from, thanks to the Prado Puerta Digital app which benefits from the sponsorship of Telefónica as a Benefactor Member of the Visitor Services programme.