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Georges de La Tour. 1593 - 1652


Georges de La Tour has only recently been discovered in terms of his artistic personality. Little is known of his early training in the Catholic city of Vic-sur-Seille in Lorraine (France), which he must have completed around 1610 when he was aged about 17. Subsequent documentation reveals him as a financially successful painter with a brusque pers...

Curators: Andrés Úbeda, Chief Curator of Italian and French Painting, Museo del Prado, and Dimitri Salmon, Musée du Louvre.

Exhibition in the Museum

Copied by the Sun. The Talbotypes from ‘The Annals of the Artists of Spain’ by William Stirling Maxwell (1847)

5/18/2016 - 9/4/2016

Exhibition in other venues

Touching the Prado

5/13/2016 - 7/3/2016

Exhibition in the Museum

Solidity and Beauty Miguel Blay at the Museo del Prado

4/19/2016 - 10/2/2016

Exhibition in the Museum

Georges de La Tour. 1593 - 1652

2/23/2016 - 6/12/2016