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Boletín del Museo del Prado

General information

The Boletín del Museo del Prado is an annual publication that welcomes articles from scholars around the world. Since 1980, when it was first published, the Boletín del Museo del Prado has been one of the principle vehicles through which the Museum makes the results of its latest research into its own collections or related areas of art history available to the academic community and the general public. Over the years, articles have been published by the Prado’s directors, curators and restorers, with others by contributors from outside institutions, both in Spain and abroad.

Launched by José Manuel Pita Andrade, the then Director of the Museum, the Boletín del Museo del Prado has been a platform for the dissemination of numerous articles of scholarly significance. Its contents focus on the Museum’s collections and history through articles that present new attributions (for example, J. Urrea, Goya en Italia. A propósito de Aníbal, N. Turner and P. Joannides, Some drawings by Michelangelo and his circle in the Prado) or which contribute new information on already known works (L. Ruiz, El Retablo de la Anunciación de Juan Corrrea de Vivar), on key artists within the history of Spanish art and on little researched groups of works or collections (R. Bru, Ukiyo-e en Madrid: las estampas japonesas). In addition, the Boletín publishes articles that present the results of restoration projects and scientific studies (L. Alba, El Maestro de Flemalle en el Museo Nacional del Prado and M. Mena, La restauración de Las Meninas de Velázquez) and essays on the history of the Museum and its building (J. Portús, La Sala de las Meninas en el Museo del Prado). In its “Prado disperso” section, the Boletín also enables readers to learn about works in the Museum’s collection that are on deposit to other institutions.

Back issues of the Boletín can be read and downloaded from this website (back issues). The Boletín del Museo del Prado is published thanks to the sponsorship of the Fundación Amigos del Museo del Prado. Copies can be purchased from the Museum’s shop or on

Authors wishing to publish in the Boletín can consult here the Instructions for presentation of texts, Style sheet and Good practice guidelines for the Boletín.