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El Prado extendido

Prado extendido aims to point out The Museo del Prado’s collection on a national level through an innovative management long-term loans plan which fosters the collection’s standing, visibility and accessibility in the Spanish territory in order to encourage its knowledge and dissemination.

The idea will be developed in collaboration with more than 270 institutions that house objects on long-term loan from The Museo del Prado’s collection, and seeks to strengthen the relationships with other museums in order to complete their exhibition discourses, the definition of their museological identities and training the staff who work for them in museological matters.

Scientific and technical criteria will link The Museo Nacional del Prado’s collections with the institutions which take care of them, and that will make it possible to establish multiple narratives and interpretations based on the authorship of the artworks, their iconography and symbology, their places of production or origin, their cultural contexts or artistic styles, their techniques and their materials or their similarities and differences. A unique opportunity for knowledge management around the long-term loan artworks.

The origin of long-term loans Museo del Prado’s Collection

1978: Prado scattered

The systematic revision of long-term loans has been fostered since 1978. The main target of this work was the inspection of the cultural assets on long-term loan, its documentary control and keeping track of all information on them.

The results of this action come with the diffusion and publication since the 80s, of all cultural assets on long-term loan in a specific section of The Bulletin of Museo del Prado called Prado scattered.

Boletín del Museo del Prado (1980)
«Prado scattered»

The Long-term Loans from the Museo del Prado Nowadays


cultural assets on long-term loan



Embassies Religious institutions Public bodies Museums
Paintings from XVI to XIX century Sculptures Architectural remains Graphic arts Decorative arts

Number of objects on long-term loan

Number of institutions

Note: Map data from the Museo del Prado website. They may not match the actual information, which is updated every day.

The Prado extendido and the institutions


Positioning the Museum’s collection in the national context through a new long-term loans museum policy.