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Llanos, Fernando

Ca. 1470, Ca. 1525

A Spanish Renaissance painter closely related to Fernando Yáñez de la Almedina, active in Valencia and Murcia between 1505 and 1525. He moved to Florence, where his stay as a disciple of Leonardo da Vinci is documented in 1505. He worked mainly in Valencia, in collaboration with Fernando Yáñez de la Almedina, another Leonardesque painter, and together, they brought the Renaissance influences of that Italian polymath to Valencia. Between 1506 and 1510, they painted the retable of Saints Cosme and Damian for Valencia Cathedral. Llanos must have remained in Valencia for a few more years, working alone or in collaboration with Yáñez de la Almedina. He was in Murcia by 1516, and there he painted the panel of The Betrothal of the Virgin (Murcia Cathedral).

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